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Mia Khalifa took the web by storm in late 2014, and quickly found herself the number one porn star in the world.  The Internet was exploding with her content: she was one of the first girl-next-door Middle Eastern girls to really become popular.  She really took it to the next level when she wore a hijab while being fucked on film.  She definitely ruffled a few feathers with that one!

She was originally baked in Beirut, Lebanon (born in 1993), and moved to the United States in the year 2000.  By the age of 21, Mia was working at Whataburger (sounds like the setup to a porn scene for sure…), where she was approached by a customer who asked her if she had ever considered having sex on camera.  The rest is history… within a few months Mia Khalifa was #1.  She only lasted three months in the industry, and has said she wanted to work a more nomal job.

“It was my rebellious phase.  It wasn't really for me.” — Mia after retiring


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She's like any other “Instagram model” these days…
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She got a boob job out of the three month “extravaganza” — why Mia, why??!

We'd love to see a comeback one of these days — seeing Mia Khalifa nude will have to do for now.  Check out these leaked photos!

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Mia Khalifa Regrets Her Porn Career

Believe it or not, Mia Khalifa sounds like she regrets her 21 year old decision to get into the porn industry. Check out her Instagram comment:

This text came in today from the head of a prominent porn company that I was associated with 4 years ago for a couple months. They have time and time again re-released “remixes” or “compilations” with my name attached to try and claw their way into a semblance of relevancy, when all they’ve been doing is hindering my efforts of moving on. This is how deluded these disgusting people are: I’ve gone on record countless times across a number of outlets solidifying my regret, shame, and disdain for anything related to this industry and they still think that “great money ?” — @MiaKhalifa

Oh well, at least we have these hot XXX pics to enjoy…

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