Lena The Plug Youtube pic of her talking about her sex tape when she reaches 1 million followers

Lena The Plug Sex Tape

If you've heard the news, curvaceous YouTuber Lena Nersesian has a nasty video out. Yep, you heard it right, the Lena The Plug Sex Tape is currently what everyone is looking for on the web these days. Ever since the famous Vlogger stated she would put one out when she reached 1 million subscribers. Jesus, these social media babes will do anything for some limelight (have you seen the gorgeous Riley Reed's uncensored snapchat nudes?!).


lena the plug shows off her big booty while sitting on counter top
lena the plug shows off her big booty while sitting on counter top
hot youtuber lena the plug sex tape trending - lena taking a naked selfie

According to her video, the man in the video is another person in the YouTube community. The lucky ass dude that she claimed she could “trust” with this honorable task of bangin' her is user Adam22. She said she has been reached out to by multiple companies to do porn, but she is not “into” that. Instead, Lena thinks making a sex tape would be “cool” (because somehow in her mind their is a difference?).

Anyway, when she made the announcement people have not stopped hunting this footage down. Her die-hard fans went absolutely frantic, they have seen this honey nude plenty in the past (she makes a hobby out of taking naked pics), but they want MORE. They want to see their favorite Vlogger chick get freaky in the bedroom, of course!

Many people have criticized Ms. Nersesian over this scandal, comparing her to Kim Kardashian and her rise to global fame. While there are some who are disgusted by this filthy piece of pie, others are praising her for her promiscuous actions. Some people believe Lena could be the next Mia Khalifia in the adult entertainment industry (see Mia's naked selfie collection here). All we know is seeing Lena's junk bouncin' around naked is pleasing to the eyes!

See this brown sugar doing her thang below!

Lena The Plug Sex Tape

lenatheplug sex tape

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