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Sveta Bilyalova Nude Russian Model!

One of the SEXIEST Instagram models to come out of Russia has been exposed, my friends! Yes, we're talking about the Sveta Bilyalova nude photos of her amazing hot body! This tiny little thang has over 4 million followers on her IG feed and you're about to find out why…. She's pretty fucking yummy.


Wait, you don't know this fine pussy cat? We hear Putin wants to Put-in his little dong in this Russian beauty. Of course, no pun intended! Let's introduce you before we get to her naked leaked pics.

IG model Sveta Bilyalova takes a hot selfie showing off her exposed cleavage
Yummy lips and even yummier tits!
gorgeous russian sveta bilyalove in red lingerie taking a mirror selfie
This fine ass hoe looks more Mexican than Russian… Don't care, we don't discriminate around here!
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Perfect face sitting form!
instagram celebrity sveta bilyalova in tiny white short shorts showing off her ass and sexy body
Ass checks to die for!

This tall lean 24 year old Russian goddess quickly grew her adoring (and still growing) Instagram fanatics by plastering pictures of her fine ass body every chance she could. Some fan favorite posts include, Sveta getting her work out on or her never ending fleet of revealing bikinis! I mean, what real man doesn't love to see a fine ass Russian broad in spandex getting her fitness on or showing us her new slutty beach-wear! I know we do!

Sveta started posting selfies on Instagram in early 2013 and hasn't looked back! She has become one of Instagrams hottest models since coming on the scene! However, don't judge this gorgeous Eastern European chick just by her looks, she also has the sense of humor to back up her popularity. She regularly posts hilarious videos, which she produces herself mind you, on her social media that are to die for!

Her millions of adoring fans finally saw all her hard work of posting selfies and staying fabulous finally pay off when she was featured on Sports Illustrated! Since her big break with the popular magazine, Sveta has landed roles in mainstream music videos, including “Low Life” and even relocated to Los Angeles to grow her career in an even bigger way! We're very excited for this fine piece of pie to take over the world!

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Sveta Bilyalova Nude Pics

Ready to see this Russian sex goddess uncovered?!

sveta bilyalova nude in sexy mirror selfie
Oh Sveta, your oh so delicious!



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