hot pic of lira galore mercer taking a selfie showing off her body in mirror

Lira Galore Hottest Instagram Pics!

This sexy woman has every man in the hip hop industry checking her out and wanting her to date (fuck) her. The former lover of Rick Ross is truly one of the most delicious chocolate pies on the market. We have Lira Galore HOTTEST Instagram pics ready for you to admire.


Some of you might not know this beautiful thick girl. Oh boy, are you in for a yummy treat… Here is a fun little teaser clip of her BUMPIN' booty bouncing in the swimming pool.

This Instagram babe is also known as Lisa Mercer. She was born in Texas and is now one of the most wanted women in the vixen market. After her dramatic split from Rick Ross, she was linked to the young rapper Drake. Rumors say, they did the nasty at his Canadian home when he flew her out after one of his concerts in the states. What a lucky motherfucker!! Now she is rumored to be dating Meek Mill – this girl doesn't waste any time.

It's super easy to see why these entertainment men are falling for her – especially after you see her naughtiest Insta pics in our special and exclusive collection below. The girl has the most perfectly rounded ass we have seen, and her tear-drop tits seem pretty damn natural to us. That is a rare thing to have in the urban modeling industry.

With the growing popularity of social media ladies, Lira Galore is one of the most popular with 3.3 million followers. She reminds us of a darker version of the petite and voluptuous Instagram model Missgenii, who just had some private pics leaked! Uh-O!

Anyway, here are the top and most sizzling pics of Galore! Enjoy!

Lira Galore Hottest Instagram Pics

lira galore hottest instagram pics: the model in pink thong laying on the bed
I'd suck everyone of them toes dry!
hot pic of lira galore from her instagram account in white bikini
Spread em!
naughty pic of lira galore in lingerie laying on her couch exposing her big ass
No such thing as too much ass… Definitely let this piece of ass sit on my face!
one of lira galore's hottest instagram photos showing off her big round ass
Rick Ross was one lucky guy! I bet he misses this giant Nubian ass dearly!
model lira galore hot pic showing off her tan curves in nude bikini
Wonder what kind of filthy things she's into…
damn sexy lira galore in a thong bikini showing off her ass and looking naughty
Most perfect round Nubian ass west of the Mississippi!
instagram girl lira galore drinking coffee in a scandalous bra and thong
Never has a glass of milk made me so horny!
beautiful lira galore in high thighs sitting on a chair looking provocative
Filthy Pie holds fine ass broads in tube socks in high regard! Yes sir!
celeb lira galore in blue thong taking a mirror selfie
Ladies and gentlemen, this is not photoshoped! Them hips are for real!
rick ross' gf lira galore in pink and scandalous lingerie posing for an instagram pic
Who agrees that we need to see this Nubian broad naked?
the beautiful lira galore in a tight red dress showing off her thick legs and tits
Dear fucking lawd! Why must you punish us like this?!
celeb lira galore taking mirror selfie showing off her thick thighs
I'd let those thick anaconda thighs strangle me any day! Believe That!

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